Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sustainable lawn care encouragement...

Bagging your lawn clippings and taking them to the trash has to be one of the biggest wastes of energy -- and lawn nutrients in the form of naturally occurring nitrogen in the mowed stems that sift in, break down, feed, and protect the roots of the remaining grass. The City of Edmonton has come up with some goofy little ads to remind us of simple ways to have a healthier lawn -- going bagless and mowing high.

For the sake of readers far afield, I thought I'd share two ads that have recently come to my attention. The basset belly metric idea made me laugh out loud (like we all have a basset hound in our back pocket for measurement!), and I kept waiting for the grass monster to grab the guy, but maybe that was beyond the CGI budget for this year... Enjoy! And don't forget to leave the bag off your lawnmower. It's better for the environment -- and your lawn!

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