Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Working hard

I've been as busy as a bee lately, almost. There's so much to do out in the yard... weeding, staking, sifting compost, moving things around... The good thing about spending so much time outdoors is how easy it is to fall asleep after all that fresh air and exercise, and the difference it makes to the yard. Things are growing at an amazing pace, and there's never a shortage of things to do.

The back yard is almost as weed free as I can make it, but the front yard can always use work. The lupins have finished blooming, and the delphiniums, gaillardia and lilies are starting. I love to see the garden change as different plants bloom... every morning I wander around just to notice "what's different today?" That's the real joy of being a gardener, in my books. Makes all the work worthwhile!

But I'm still not working as hard as these guys in the video below. The Energizer Bunny should have been a bee, I'm convinced. Not enough to have one working a flower, they both have to get in there! If only my kids were as anxious to participate in the yard work! Enjoy your day!

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