Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Simple Suggestion #255... Install a clothesline

It doesn't have to be a fancy double-pullied system like ours -- a simple piece of nylon cord between two trees is what we always use on vacation, and it works just as well. 

Clotheslines are a brilliant thing -- they fill our clothes with sunshine and fresh air, and cut our monthly electricity bill a full fifteen percent. That's right, 15%! So investing in a piece of nylon cord or a folding umbrella clothes stand like my sisters just found, or even a clothes rack that can stand in a corner of a laundry space pays itself off in a hurry -- and helps our environment to boot. Not to mention it's easier on clothes than a hot-air tumble dryer ever could be.

Why not give your clothes a longer life and install a solar, wind, or air powered dryer in the form of a clothesline today?

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