Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I was going to post some gorgeous pictures of this morning's blossom-filled walk, but instead I'm praying for Fort McMurray, Red-Earth Creek, High Level, and any other place under threat of fire. If you are someone who prays, please pray with me.

God of everything,
we probably deserve everything that we get
when it comes to
the disastrous effects of climate change,
simply because
we've disrespected your wondrous creation.
But you're not a god of vengeance.
It's probably more heart-breaking for you to watch fires ripping through forests and fields,
blackening the earth,
heating the atmosphere further,
and destroying the homes and livelihoods
of so much wildlife and so many people.
After all, you made it all.

Please, God, please, send Alberta rain.
Help us to know that all you have given cannot be taken for granted,
but must be treated as precious gift.
Show us how to live more lightly on your earth,
and make us generous in sharing what we have
with those who are losing so much.
Bless all those who are fighting the fires
and keep everyone safe.

I know that this prayer is too little, too late,
but please hear me
and send us a good, soaking rain...


P.S. My cousin and her family are safe at the Syncrude camp near Fort McMurray. No word yet on whether their home was spared by the wildfires.

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