Friday, May 20, 2016

Blessed rain

I was ready to whip out the Charlotte Diamond CD my kids listened to when they were little... "I'm ready for, you're ready for, we're ready for... the puddles!" The rain this morning was so beautiful! Our rain barrels are full, things are popping out of the soil, and the robins are singing. My daughters went out and danced in the rain last night. I said many, "Thank You"s to God. Nothing like God watering everything instead of my garden hose -- her and his watering is so much more thorough! And the water isn't chlorinated.

I don't want to seem ungrateful, but we could use more. Suzanna and I took a walk at noon to take puddle pictures, and there were hardly any puddles to be found. The ground is so dry, it soaked everything up already. And up north, where wildfires are raging, they're praying for the snow that's blanketing the western part of the province.

So if you have a spare prayer, please keep me company in praying for the firefighters who have been going steady since May 1st, and for the families who are waiting to return home to Fort McMurray.

Thank you God, for the rain you've given. Please send more to the places that need it most.


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