Friday, August 14, 2015

Today's harvest

It's really a terrible time to be heading off for our family vacation. So much is happening in the garden. See what I mean?

Fortunately for me, Charlotte, our niece and dog/house sitter might be convinced to pick a few things. And my parents and sisters are welcome to pick and eat to their hearts' content, too.

I forgot how much I love making dill pickles... below is a pic of the first batch of 2015 along with our tomatoes and two winter squashes. The 2000-year-old squash isn't a delicata, I've decided -- it's a plain yellow banana squash. Not that I mind. Eating from the back yard is awesome, no matter what the veggie might be!


  1. I love my garden stuff, particularly when my risks pay off - my 2 apricots and my Pembina plums, which are both gorgeous and delicious! My other risks - blackberries and figs - have fruit on them - but its' exactly the same stage as it was a month ago! ha ha! I love coming to your blog for some cheeriness!

    1. Wow, apricots and plums in Saskatoon! That's awesome. We're watching our pear trees closely, and praying that frost stays away (warnings tonight, ugh). I guess I should go cover...


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