Friday, August 7, 2015

August garden update

It's getting to that time of year when the garden is at its peak, the sun is shifting in the sky, and the evenings are a little bit cooler. Harvest is beginning, and I've been a pretty busy woman for the last several days. Today, I spent my time on kale chips, cherry kuchen, and broad beans. Also picked a half pail of cukes and pulled some weeds (a never ending job!!!) So you could say I'm a little tuckered, but oh so grateful for the garden and all the wonderful organic food it gives us.

Image result for Peter pan squash

Here's a picture of a funny little Peter Pan squash like the one growing in the three sisters' corner. We ate one last week, roasted, and it wasn't bad. Julia thought it looked like a hat and wore it on her head for a few minutes.

I've taken plenty of pictures of the garden, which is my favourite place on the planet -- so lucky to have it just outside the back door, where I can take my morning coffee and sit and watch the birds nibbling at the chard or chasing each other through the sunflowers. Last week as I sifted compost, a sparrow bathed in the birdbath right beside me, sheltered by a pumpkin leaf so he didn't see me watching. Our 500 or so sq. feet (45 sq. metres) of growing space don't just give us food, but also our own little nature sanctuary and plenty of good exercise for mind and soul.

Instead of posting a dozen pictures for my garden update this week, here's a five minute tour. Have a lovely weekend!

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