Friday, August 21, 2015

Six days away

We're just back from 6 days in the beautiful mountains that we missed last summer, and we packed a fair bit into those six days...

Julia's holiday wish was a high level tree obstacle course 
(Lee and Julia are up on the top platform, 
getting ready to zipline across the gap)...

Camping above the clouds --
the town of Radium Hotsprings, BC
 is hidden below the clouds in the valley ...

Golfing at Edgewater, BC -- 
we played best ball and managed to score
43 on 9 holes of a par three course... 
so you could say we're not great golfers,
but it was an enjoyable morning,
 the course was gorgeous...

and the clubhouse homemade pie was delish!

Suzanna's holiday wish was a trail ride. 
Even though I hadn't been on a horse in 29 years,
it was an enjoyable hour with lovely views of the Columbia Valley.

(Felt really good to get off the horse when it was over!)

Unfortunately, both our girls ended up with miserable colds,
so we decided to come home early, 
stopping near Banff at Lake Minnewanka for a lunch break.

Otherwise, it was a pretty relaxing week of reading books, 
doing puzzles, taking a dip in the hot springs, 
cooking on a campstove due to the fireban,
attending a nature program at the campground amphitheatre, 
and sleeping in my favourite bed in the tent trailer.

Now we're home with a pup who is happy to have his family back,

and a garden that will keep me busy for the next several weeks...
(today's pickings!)

We are so blessed to be able to have a vacation!

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