Thursday, March 5, 2015

You are my sunshine

It's a song I've sung more times in my life than I can count. At every family singsong, from the time I was very small. And now it has added meaning as a song I sang in a hospital room to a dying friend who loved it.

Today, we sang it at the reception after her funeral, along with Yellow Bird, another favourite, and We Are Marching in the Light of God. We remembered a woman who loved visitors, and her own bedroom, and coca cola and Tim Hortons iced cappuccinos. We laughed about the colourful language she sometimes used, and the straight-to-the-point comments she made. When Chuck started playing Amazing Grace on the harmonica, many of us shed a few tears because she liked to play the harmonica. Some of us even painted our fingernails her favourite colour in her honour. (I NEVER wear nail polish, but made the extra effort to celebrate her!)

She loved it all, from where she is now, I'm sure. We look forward to seeing her again on the other side, and hearing that harmonica once again. I wonder if our little Polish lady will be wearing red nail polish then?

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