Sunday, March 8, 2015

How is Lent treating you?

Or, I could ask, how have your conversations with God been going lately? Did you give something up for Lent to remind you that it is Lent? And how is that going? (I always give up chocolate -- but accidentally had some chocolate chips in a muffin on Tuesday morning! God smiled, I think, because we were in the middle of quite the conversation about God stuff at the time.)

My Lent has been pretty good so far. I met my spiritual director last week, and he offered me some very helpful things. I've had lots of time to pray with Helena at the hospital -- a very precious time of feeling God's nearness to a dying friend. And in the week ahead, I'll be going to Villa St. Martin in Montreal to help with another silent retreat for L'Arche assistants. To be honest, I'm feeling a bit spoiled this holy season. Usually, finding time for God in Lent is an effort, but this year she and he has handed me time on a silver platter.

How are you doing? Are you looking for a little bit of God time on a silver platter? Our Taize ecumenical prayer group is meeting on Sunday evening at St. Luke's Anglican Church (8424 95 Avenue) at 7 p.m. We'll be praying in song and silence, and all are welcome. Please feel free to join all those present, and bring a friend if you like.

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