Monday, March 2, 2015

Helena found her way

Yesterday afternoon I was with Helena, singing to her, moistening her mouth, and telling her that Jesus was waiting for her. We were having our usual quiet visit when her guardians, who had been out of country for a few weeks, came to visit. Ann said, "Helena, Jesus will take you for a walk to see all of heaven's little birds because we all know you like little birds, and your mom and dad and brothers and sisters will all be there waiting for you, and it will be beautiful. It's okay to go, my dear."

At 11:30 last night, Helena went with a peaceful sigh, born into the new life we all await.

Today, the L'Arche Edmonton community will gather at Helena's house to remember her, sharing stories, pictures and songs, and lots of hugs and tears, too, no doubt. The long walk has ended, and it's time for celebration and surrender of our friendship with Helena, until we meet again.

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