Sunday, February 8, 2015

Praying with song and silence

Taizé Prayer will be held at Hope Lutheran Church (5104 106 Avenue) tonight at 7 p.m. We really enjoyed our prayer there last year because of the community’s warm hospitality on a cold evening, and Reinhart’s amazing piano skills! Not sure if he’ll be playing with us tonight, but it’s a possibility! All are welcome!

For those who are unable to join us this evening, here’s a little video made in Taizé last May featuring Frère Ghislain, who led scripture study for the adults when I was there in June. A gentle, humble man, as you can see, whose passion for unity, communion and reconciliation is visible when you hear him. After a few days attending his sessions, that passion rubbed off on me, too, which is why I hope to be part of an ecumenical Taizé prayer group for as long as I live.

The music in the video is an Italian chant called Tu sei sorgente viva, which you can hear more clearly in the second video -- You are the living source, you are fire, you are love... Come Holy Spirit!

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