Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Soy milk and me

I like soy milk, or at least I used to. I started drinking it in an effort to cut down my consumption of animal products, and both the thought of drinking something organic and the flavour of it pleased me. Not that I drank a lot. One glass before bed, usually, as my calcium to give me a good sleep. The fact that soy milk also contains isoflavones that might help with symptoms of peri-menopause (yes, I'm getting to that stage in my life) and possibly reduces the risks of certain kinds of cancers could only be of benefit, right?

But then my friend Judith dropped a comment one day about the fact that soy milk contains the wrong kinds of chemicals to be of any real help for peri-menopause, and that she stays away from it. So I went online and started to look at some of the claims about the product, which led me to wonder about the fact that I had been suffering some rather serious night sweats. You know, the kind that drenched my pajamas AND the bed, causing me to get up and change clothing, sometimes twice a night.

So I decided to try an experiment. When I ran out of soy milk, I didn't buy another carton. And I haven't bought one since then, because the night sweats stopped. Just like that.

I'm not saying that soy milk causes night sweats, but I'm pretty sure it did for me. Why my body can't handle soy milk, I'll probably never know. But I share this information, because perhaps others have been having night sweats that they can't explain, and if they tinker with their diets a little, they can figure out why. I still enjoy soy dishes, and soy beans, but my life is much better without the milk. 

It's great to sleep through the night, warm and dry! 

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