Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Time to take action

Here in Edmonton, we've gone from snow and cold that wouldn't stop to rain and above average temperatures. My mind has wandered back to global climate change (or global climate destabilization, if you prefer) and the importance of taking action to stop it. I have been walking or catching public transit to work more often lately, trying to cut my carbon emissions even further as I think about my friend in Winnipeg and how his house will soon be underwater if spring flood predictions hold... As I walked this afternoon, I remembered this little video... that has now been turned into a book, it turns out.

Greg Craven is a high school teacher (chemistry, I'm guessing) in the US who has made a compelling argument about why we should take action when it comes to global climate destabilization, whether we believe it's happening or not. He gets a bit too goofy for my liking with the "devil's advocate" routine, but I can't argue with his logic. I just wish he'd go further and challenge his viewers to embrace voluntary simplicity, cut their consumption, reduce fossil fuel use, etc. etc. But that's just me, of course!

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