Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Simple Suggestion #199... Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day

The twenty-first day of the third month has been designated as World Down Syndrome Day by the UN, the date being a nod to the fact that people with Down Syndrome have a third copy of chromosome 21. I'm so glad that my family members and friends have a special day for being celebrated, because, as anyone who knows them will agree, their disabilities seem to give them a simple understanding of the value of relationship that the rest of the human race forgets or misses in our hurry to grow up.

So on Friday, World Down Syndrome Day, I plan to "Rock my Socks" -- that is, I'm going to wear my most colourful socks in honour of my cousins S., C., and O., and my friends T., B., J., and K. And if anyone asks me why I'm wearing my bright socks, I'll tell them about S., who calls me her favourite oldest cousin in Edmonton, or T., who loves to make videos and once managed to get a dishwasher donated to his L'Arche home, or K., who loves to wear his cowboy hat and play guitar. I might even direct the folks who ask about my socks to the World Down Syndrome Day website to learn more about the beauty of some of our brothers and sisters with disabilities.

And I will definitely share this video, which brings tears to my eyes because of all the beautiful people I know. Enjoy, and share sock day with your friends!

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