Monday, July 11, 2011

#38... Take public transit

This Simple Suggestion fits right alongside #18, join a carpool. Why drive alone when we know that Single Occupant Vehicles are a huge waste of energy, that fossil fuel emissions are messing up our planet, and that our hurry-scurry world is sorely lacking a sense of community? Public transit use is just smart, especially when it comes to commuting.

Besides, buses, trolleys and trains are great for people watching. As a writer, I like to imagine the lives of the people with whom I ride. I appreciate the routine that develops when I ride at the same time every day -- the greeting of the driver, the murmur and shuffle of standing passengers, the comings and goings of different faces each stop mixed with the surprise of a stranger appearing now and then. I like to see who shouts thank you as they disembark (I do). It's always nice to run into someone I know, or to chat with a seatmate who invites conversation. And it's really nice to be worry free when it comes to finding a parking stall!

Public transit gets a lot of bad raps, but really, it's not a bad way to go as it teaches patience, it can be a social event... and it's definitely kinder to the planet. If if wasn't such a nice day today, rather than riding my bike to work, I'd take the bus!

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