Monday, February 14, 2011

It was the knickers that did it

I visited neighbours in my old neighbourhood on Friday afternoon, and heard some wonderful stories from two dear friends who met in England in 1942. He was with the Royal Canadian Air Force, and she was a local girl. He was staying with her mother's friend in another part of town, feeling lonely-homesick, and wishing for a girlfriend. His landlady told him that her friend had a lovely daughter who might be game to take on the role.

As it happens, the two were never introduced by the girl's mother and the landlady, but met by accident one Sunday afternoon when they were both out for a walk. The young woman came to a stile, and not realizing that the young airman was in the vicinity, vaulted over it in her skirt, unwittingly exposing turquoise knickers with red roses, which she had sewn from scraps of an old housedress that had belonged to her mother. The young airman caught a glimpse of those homemade knickers, and to this day remembers thinking, "This practical girl would make a good wife!"

The two continued their walk together... and have been walking together in a marriage that has lasted nearly 60 years... partly thanks to those practical, homemade knickers!

I love true love stories like this one. If you have one you can share, I'd like to hear it! Happy Valentine's Day!

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