I've had a lot of fun making videos to try to share the message of Voluntary Simplicity. It all started in 2007, when I took a Master Composter/Recycler course in my city to learn valuable composting lessons and to discover Edmonton's wonderful world-class waste recycling programs. Applicants for the program have to go through an interview, and on the way home from mine, a little ditty popped into my head. It stayed with me through the three week course and became part of my final project. Since then, I've posted it on YouTube, and have received notes and comments from people all over the world who appreciate its message. Most recently, "Do I Need It?" has been adopted into the High School English Language Curriculum in Taiwan as part of a lesson on Senseless Consumption! That made my day...

About six months after the first, another song came to me, this time pointing out that possessions don't compare to a lot of things that come free in this life. For some reason, people in Brazil and other places in South America have taken to my little melody, "A Song About the Best Things." Maybe they're glad to see a North American recognizing the importance of simple living. Unfortunately, the range of this song is hard on my voice, so if you don't like the singing, please turn down the volume and just read the message.

In order to promote simpler living as a viable lifestyle choice, I've put on several workshops about simplifying life during the Christmas season. A video grew out of my reflections as I prepared the first workshop I gave in 2008. My husband and daughters were kind enough to lend their voices to this little Stuffless Christmas Medley.

It's been interesting to throw these ideas out there and see what others have to say. On the whole, I'm quite encouraged by peoples' emails, as their positive comments mean that there are many people who are concerned about reducing the size of our environmental footprints and finding joy in simple things.