Thursday, February 21, 2019


It seems that the older I get, the more challenging life becomes. Maybe it's because I'm increasingly aware of the suffering of those around me, and my own. Maybe it's too much coverage of bad politicians and bad news from around the globe. I know that the climate crisis gets me down now and again (especially when I find a Roll-Up-The-Rim-To-Win single use coffee cup in the snow not five feet from a garbage can -- like I did this morning).

But then I sit in my meditation corner, and images similar to what you find in the video below come to me. Life is so much bigger than we realize, and our struggles are but a tiny part of it all. I prefer to think about my problems as tiny, and about God's presence in everything going on in the universe as huge. Videos like this help me to remember that the Source of All Being is in charge... and to relax because I am enough and I do what I can to make a difference. What do you do to keep a sense of perspective?