Wednesday, February 6, 2019

If you want to make a comment...

Lately, I've been receiving more than the usual comments on my moodlings, mostly from anonymous users. The spambots that fill in my comment box have terrible spelling and grammar, and most of their comments have nothing to do with the posts they are commenting on. Busted!!! I'm asked for advice about choosing the best blog platform, questioned whether all the features on my pages are working properly, or told, "Great post, man. I have bookmarked this and will visit every morning while I'm drinking my coffee because you are so right on!"

Phone calls, emails, or in-person "I like what you had to say about..." comments are the most common way that I get feedback, probably because typing remarks in a box and filling random letters or numbers in a captcha blank isn't as much fun as getting a real live reaction from a real live person (me), and I see a lot of my readers in ordinary daily life. And readers further afield just don't seem interested in leaving comments, so in reality, comment box communications on anything I moodle are extremely few and far between -- except for spambots, which are too prolific lately!

So rather than waste time deleting anonymous spambot comments, I'm removing the comment box at the bottom of my moodlings, period, unless I hear a cacophony of complaint, which I can't imagine. If any of my long distance readers have burning issues with things I write, I invite you to email me, as my gmail address is found on my profile page in the right sidebar.

Otherwise, have a good day, and stay warm.