Monday, August 13, 2018

Sunday Reflection on a Monday: God's true sustainability

Today's reflection is brought to you by 1 Kings 19:4-8 and John 6:51a.

Sometimes I feel like Elijah,
O God,
because the world gets to be a bit much.

Last week's blue skies obliterated
by grey smoke.

Wildfires, floods and earthquakes.

The inhumanity of some human beings.

It is enough
to make me want to lie down under my own broom tree and say,
"It is enough."

Elijah was right --
we are no better than our ancestors.

Our continuing path
of ignorance,
and over-consumption
has brought us to the point
that our planet
and many of its peoples
are choking because of our excesses.

But today you give me a clear blue sky,
as if to say,
"Get up and eat,
otherwise the journey will be too much for you."

Human beings aren't so good at sustainability,
but you are.

You offer yourself to sustain us
through all the good things of our world,
blue skies included.

You send prophets with plans
to help us care
for widows, orphans and strangers in our midst
and lately,
you bring to our attention
many who are calling us
to live in harmony with one another
and all of your creatures.

Do we hear them?

You give us your life and spirit
so that we may walk in your strength
for those mystical 40 days and nights
in spite of the troubles,
and ecological disasters
that wear us down.

Help us to listen to your wise ones.

Make us willing to sacrifice
all that makes our world unhealthy.

Help us to move beyond lip service
to your true sustainability,
O Creator of this life-filled planet.

Show us how to do what must be done.

Teach us to change bad habits for good,
even if they're less convenient.

Remind us often
that you are with us,
ministering to us
through small signs of hope
and the encouragement of those around us.

Come what may,
whoever eats of this bread
will live forever.


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