Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sunday reflection: How to be new

This reflection is brought to you by Ephesians 4: 17-24.

O Christ,
as members of your family,
we are called to live as you live.

Not just using our intellects,
but living with wide open hearts,
accepting life's many differences and possibilities
without judgment.

In these times,
there is no excuse
for ignorance
or hardness of heart.

We are to live in your truth,
to be sensitive to the needs of others as you are,
and to give of ourselves with abandon as you do
in those who are selfless.

We learn your way
not only
by studying your life,
saying prayers,
and singing worship songs,
by being your hands and feet where needed,
living in unity with goodness wherever we find it,
and resting our hearts in yours each day.

The old life
of greed-caused misery
which is still too present on our suffering earth
can only pass away
if we recognize you in ourselves and all creatures,
and if we wear your Spirit like a bright cloak
to light our way in all that we do.

Make us new,
O God.


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