Sunday, January 14, 2018

Come and see

"Where are you staying, Lord?"
we ask.

"Come and see,"
you reply.

We look --

and there are people of all shapes and sizes
and genders and colours
and abilities and talents

and there are domestic animals that we know and love,
wild ones that we observe from safe distances,
strange ones in the deeps of the jungles and the depths of the oceans
that we will never see with our own eyes

and there are trees
and plants,
macro and micro environments
and a boundless universe
that surround us

an entire creation from A to Z
and alpha to omega
over the whole planet
and beyond

plus heaven (on earth)

-- and if we really look, we see

your presence,
your beauty and goodness and truth
in all that you have made.

And those of us who see
bow down and say,
"We have found the Christ."

Our gratitude and care for all that you offer us
should be the size of the universe.

Teach us how to love you
in all that you have made.


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