Thursday, January 4, 2018

An old song made new for 2018!

Yesterday I received a wonderful Christmas present from Christina and Landon (my daughter and her fiancé). You might already know that some years ago a little song came to me during my Master Composter/Recycler training, and I recorded the original in my kitchen with a cheap mike, an old laptop and my guitar. After the music video received 24,000+ hits on YouTube over the last ten years (including incorporation into the Taiwan Public School Curriculum for a lesson on senseless consumption!), it got rather glitchy.

So for my Christmas gift two years ago, my creative kids offered to update it. Some talented friends and MCRs came together for a re-recording of the tune with all sorts of "recycled" instruments, Landon did the sound mixing, and Christina worked on the video over the last two years -- she's a busy girl, so you could say it wasn't exactly high on her priority list. And now, thanks to all these wonderful people, I'm delighted to share the results!

We fill our lives with so many unnecessary things, all of which have an ecological impact on our planet. If you really think about it, everything we own has to go somewhere else someday. So singing along with the chorus of this song might be part of an excellent New Year's resolution for 2018 -- to reduce our consumption by buying less, period. Some friends have commented on how the song has helped/hindered their different buying habits... and of course, that's the whole point! If we can all reduce our impact on creation, we and future generations will be better for it.

Feel free to share it around... just one more way of trying to save our sister, Mother Earth, and live in the spirit of Laudato Si!

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