Saturday, December 17, 2016

Advent Love

At the Heart of the Universe by Mary Southard, csj
from the 2017 Ministry of the Arts Calendar,
which can be found by clicking here
The unconditional love
of a young woman for her baby
is the sign
God chooses to give us.
That the child is called
only underlines God's intention:
we are never alone.
We are called to belong.

Every single one of us,
and every part of creation.

But Mary comes to Joseph
with a crazy story
that throws everything into question...
until the angel says,
"Do not be afraid."
Joseph's loving acceptance makes possible
the love of the young woman for her child,
and we are also drawn in.
No judgment.
Only love.

Every single one of us
and every part of creation.

No exceptions.

Our brothers and sisters come to us
with stories that seem crazy
because we lack their experience.
Our certainties are thrown into question...
But the angel says,
"Do not be afraid."

Black, brown, yellow, red, or white,
Atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim or any other religion,
female, male or trans,
rich or poor,
gay or straight,
it doesn't matter to God.
We are the ones who separate
ourselves into groups.
Even so, we are loved.

Every single one of us
and every part of creation.

God's love makes no distinctions,
sets no limitations.
No judgment.
Only love.
And that's how we are called to love.

Loving acceptance,
by every single one of us,
for every part of creation.

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