Sunday, December 11, 2016

Advent Joy

The third Sunday of Advent's readings
lay it out clearly:

The wilderness and dry land are glad.
The desert rejoices and blossoms.
There is singing, and glory!
The weak are made strong.
The fearful receive courage.
The blind see beauty, life and goodness.
The deaf hear symphonies, laughter, and their loved ones.
The lame walk-- no, even better -- they leap like deer.
The mute speak -- and sing.
There is life-giving water where there was none.
Healing comes to all who are burdened with shame.
No one falls into the gutters.
Joy and gladness replace sadness and anger.
The dead are raised, and everyone dances.
The poor have good news brought to them.
And what we receive, we give to others.
If, as Anne Lamott says,
"Peace is joy at rest.
Joy is peace on its feet,"
then how can we help to make it so?
And go forth!

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