Saturday, November 5, 2016

Love for creation on a Sunday

After watching the video in the previous moodling (still available, at least until tomorrow) I feel the need to show a little love for creation. This morning we had the most amazing sunrise, and there is glory all around us all the time -- if we just open our eyes.

Andie's Isle is a pretty great little website with a number of gorgeous creation videos. I don't know Andie, but I've seen several of her videos over the years, and she has a really great recent one, The Nature of God, which isn't available on YouTube, but you can click here to see it (thanks again to Charleen for sharing it with me!) It reminded me of Brian Doerksen's Creation Calls, below, so I had to post it a second (or is it third?) time. Not sure who came up with the images, but they did an incredible job of putting it all together, and I think it's worth posting many times.

So here's a little love for creation, and for God this Sunday. Enjoy...

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