Friday, November 25, 2016

A Black Friday prayer

How much did we pay
to see a new day?
It's a gift.

A breath of air? Free.
But we often don't see
that it's a gift.

A life lived in peace,
the warmth of our beds,
the food on our table.
the roof over our heads.
all gift.

But through no fault of their own
many children have grown
to adulthood with
less than they need...
Still, we can go out in haste
to add to the waste
of our earth
through excessive greed.

Too often we are told
that with the first one sold
the second is half price.
O God, help us to see
that your best gifts are free
and to settle for our given slice.

Remind us, O God,
that it's not for sale,
your beautiful creation.
It's already ours,
to be protected and loved
and kept the next generation.

Our sense of possession
was not your intention
because Everything is gift!

Teach us how
to remember that now...


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