Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Simple Suggestion #154 revisited... Go fragrance-free

Today's remoodling comes courtesy of my youngest daughter, Julia. She has always enjoyed her connections with church ladies, but lately when a church lady tries to engage Julia in conversation on the bus it doesn't work -- simply because Julia's eyes water and her throat itches whenever the lady comes near. Of course, Julia, being who she is, is afraid to offend the lady, so she sits at the very back of the bus, hoping the lady won't notice her.

It kind of makes me think of this guy...

There is an easy answer to this whole problem, and that would be for Julia to tell the lady that she's allergic to perfume, and for the lady to really tone down her floral fragrance, or just stop wearing it.

It's been three years since I first posted this Simple Suggestion, but it's worth revisiting. We never know when we will run into someone with fragrance allergies, but the best random act of kindness we can perform for them (without them even realizing it!) is to go fragrance-free. Think of it as an easy and inexpensive act of love.

In case you're interested, here's my original, much more detailed post: Simple Suggestion #154... Go fragrance-free (March 2013)

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