Friday, March 25, 2016

A simple Easter prayer

O God,
you love us.
You want only good things for your children.
But you give us freedom
to make our own decisions,
and our mistakes fill our world
with struggle and pain,
even as they lead us
to acknowledge our need of you.
Jesus showed us by his life and death
how to carry our crosses
with patience, humility, and love.
And so, God, we offer you
all the heavy and difficult things we carry.
We entrust to you our heartaches and hurts,
as well as our hopes and happinesses,
and we offer our lives to you.
Bless those we love,
those we are struggling to love,
and all who really need to feel your love.
Show us how to be your gentle presence
for those who need it most.
Thank you for loving us,
for giving us freedom,
and for walking with us through our calvaries,
into the abundant life
you have promised.


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