Friday, January 8, 2016

Edmonton Taize Prayer 2016

If you’ve been reading these moodlings for a while, you’ll know that yours truly has been involved with Taizé Prayer for quite some time, and that I even had a chance to visit what I call my heart's spiritual home -- the little community in the Burgundy region of France known as Taizé.

I love praying in the style of Taizé because it’s one way that Christians can come together and not worry about theological differences – after all, everyone on the planet is a beloved child of God, and it’s kind of ridiculous that any of us go around thinking ourselves better than anyone else, or that our faith is truer. I also love that there is no preaching at an evening of Taizé prayer – scripture is read (in several languages) and we’re left in silence so that God can speak to our hearts.

If you’re in the Edmonton area and are looking for a beautiful, musical and ecumenical way to pray, come join us, and feel free to bring friends. Also, check out the Facebook page at

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