Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Darren* makes my day

I've been working from home since the end of November, and I hadn't been to the L'Arche Community Centre in well over a month. But there is a board meeting this week and I went in to prepare for it, and received a wonderful reception from my friends. I didn't realize they missed me as much as I miss them when working in my kitchen.

As I walked into the Day Program room, I wished everyone a Happy New Year, and received immediate affection. My sister Alice chided me for taking so long to come and wish her a Happy New Year. Leanne snuggled in and gave me a hug, Lucy called me over to her wheelchair for a hug, and even Darren made eye contact. I teased him, saying, "My hands are cold, Darren; can I warm them on your neck?" I slowly reached out my hand, and my non-verbal friend took it and gave it a gentle kiss! What a charmer!

How many people do you know who get that kind of a welcome when they return to work?

*I use pseudonyms for my L'Arche friends with disabilities.

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