Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The laughing letter carrier

He's still out there, making his rounds. This morning, Shadow and I were walking the same neighbourhood where we found him back in April, and he's still laughing. Today I stopped him as he came back from a home to the main sidewalk and asked what was in his earbuds.

"I listen to podcasts. Comedy," he said.

"I love to hear your bursts of laughter as you walk along," I said. "It makes my day happier."

He looked a bit embarrassed, but also pleased. "Have a nice walk," he said, continuing down the sidewalk.

"You too."

We elected a new Prime Minister and lots of different members of parliament in Canada yesterday. I wonder how Canada Post (and other things) will fare with new leadership... I guess time will tell how much longer the laughing letter carrier will have his happy route.

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