Thursday, April 2, 2015

Triduum starts here

The cross from Taize
It's Thursday of Holy Week, one of my favourite weeks of the year. I'm finding, though, that my whole understanding of Jesus' death has changed. It's not so much about him saving us from our sins. I mean, what kind of God would demand an atrocity -- the death of one of his and her children -- to atone for other atrocities known as sin?

No, I think this weekend is about Jesus being with us in our struggles and our human suffering. He went through a most horrific end in solidarity with his human brothers and sisters all over the world who experience oppression, injustice, and personal disaster. It's as if he's saying to us, "See, I am with you. Don't be afraid. Love wins in the end."

So this weekend is not about the institution of the priesthood, or salvific death, or the "happy fault" and "necessary sin of Adam that won for us so great a redeemer." It's about getting through the struggles of life, with God's help, and reaching paradise with our brother who showed us the way. It's a weekend to remind us that God is all about mercy, justice, and love, not vengeance. It's a reminder of the resurrection of each one of us to a life of joy and celebration -- the now and the not yet. It's an opportunity to remember those embroiled in their own struggles, and to be in solidarity with them through prayer and action.

If you're looking for a special ways to mark this Easter Triduum, I invite you to join me tomorrow at 2 different events:

1) The Outdoor Way of the Cross. Participants will meet at 10 a.m. at Immigration Hall, 10035 105 A Avenue and walk an outdoor route with stops for reflection along the way. I find this to be particularly meaningful, as the messages given at each station often put us in touch with the struggles of our inner city brothers and sisters, and communities working against injustice in other parts of the world. Afterward there are refreshments with the inner city community.

2) Good Friday Taize Prayer Around the Cross, 7 p.m. at Providence Renewal Centre Chapel (3005 119 Street). An opportunity to pray for the world with Christians of all denominations, using song and silence at the foot of the cross. It's always very beautiful.

And Saturday evening, I'll celebrate the resurrection at Easter Vigil with my family. I hope you, my readers, will find special ways to celebrate the fact that life does not end -- our God loves us too much for that!

Happy Triduum!

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