Monday, April 13, 2015

Another Monday morning smile

Image result for Canada post carrierThis morning, Shadow and I took a longer walk than originally intended. It's just that the sky was so blue, and the birds were singing so loudly, and the sun was so warm that somehow, we went twice as far as I had in mind when we set out. This seems to happen more often on beautiful days.

As we walked through the Forest Heights neighbourhood, I heard laughter up ahead. I was expecting to see someone sitting on their front step, chatting on the phone, but no, it was a letter carrier coming toward us. His pace never slowed as he did his rounds, though he was laughing hard. I don't think he saw me as he crossed the street, guffawing loudly at some joke reaching his ears via the headphones he was wearing. It was tempting to run after him and say, "What on earth are you listening to? It must be good -- I want to hear it, too."

Whatever it was, it made him laugh, and it made me smile. And now maybe you're smiling, too.

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