Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Simple Suggestion #146 revisited... Enjoy a simple Christmas Pageant

I'm so excited! My favourite Christmas activity of the year is less than a week away -- our L'Arche Edmonton Christmas pageant! If you're in the neighbourhood and have a chance to join us (free admission, or a Food Bank donation) you won't regret it!

Christmas with friends at L'Arche is a true celebration. Last night we had our community Christmas dinner and anniversary evening, a time of fun and friendship. And the Pageant is full of the same spirit -- people who love each other having a good time together and welcoming all comers to join in. L'Arche is one place where 'the more the merrier' definitely holds.

Last year's pageant had its share of shiny angels, bedraggled bathrobe shepherds, and majestic wise men, and, of course, a beatific holy family, whose baby 'Jesus' fussed until his dad (out in the audience) tossed a pacifier to the 'midwife' (baby's mom) sitting at Mary's feet. She made a perfect, one-handed catch, and plopped the soother into the infant's mouth just as a wail began to build, much to the crowd's astonishment and amusement. Every year, it's something different, as less-than-predictable core members and babies are involved!

So if the Christmas spirit has yet to reach your heart and home, come join us for a joyful and uplifting celebration, followed by snacks and the L'Arche Christmas craft sale. All are welcome!

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