Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Camp and other fun

Today is Christmas Camp for the L'Arche Edmonton Community, a chance for everyone to get out into nature and enjoy some winter fun. There'll be music, dance, fun in the snow, swimming, crafts, and togetherness for the day, and it will be great.

Today is also our daughter Christina's entry into adulthood in any country she cares to name. We'll celebrate with supper and cake this evening before she and her friends head off to other celebrations.

It's actually been a week of fun in my books... enjoying good books, puzzles, winter walks, and the odd afternoon nap. We've also managed to sleep past 8 a.m. every day since Christmas Eve, just what the doctor ordered. Lee and I even took in a movie last night (The Theory of Everything (Stephen and Jane Hawking's love story), which was excellent), and the evening before, we played games with my parents and sisters, and went for a walk to see the Legislature Christmas lights.

It's so good to be on holidays, resting from the usual routines. I'm taking a break from online moodlings, too, just because I don't feel like sitting at my computer with so many other activities with my family available. So if you're wondering what's going on with this blog, just know that I'm saving up the moodlings in my head for sometime after the New Year, when routines return to normal. Be back soon...

In the meantime, Happy Birthday, sweet daughter!

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