Thursday, November 20, 2014

A good walk is like a prayer

Amazingly, this morning, our little puppy with the short haircut didn't hide himself in the blankets in his crate for a few extra hours sleep, so I took the opportunity to boot him up and bundle him out the door for a good walk. Most days, he's more of a couch potato than I am, but lately, I don't want to give him the option of lazing around all day. I think I may be addicted to my morning walk!

As the sun was rising, Shadow-pup and I found ourselves on the path down into the river valley. It was one of those gorgeous, wintry late fall mornings, blue shadows everywhere. We meandered along the edge of the river on a winding and bumpy rebel bike path, and crossed over the traffic via the pedestrian bridge, walking all the way to the Muttart Conservatory. Then we walked past the Ski Club and tobogganing hill, up 141 steps (I think) and back home through one of our usual parks. It was beautiful, I must say, to be walking through the woods and along the edge of the partly frozen North Saskatchewan. Shadow had a good time, too. We came upon a tidings of magpies (that's the term for a group of them, did you know?) and he was so excited to get to them, he practically turned a somersault in the snow, which slowed him down a little, and left him with a white face.

A good walk doesn't have to be too long. To get out and breathe deeply and feel my muscles move can be like a prayer because I'm appreciating -- and enhancing -- the good health with which God has blessed me. Too much more than an hour makes my gimpy shoulder ache, but 15 minutes isn't nearly enough. Today my pedometer said 8,693 when I got home, so I'm well on my way to the recommended 10,000 steps for today.

I've been doing early morning centering prayer using mantras lately -- and my phrase for today is, "Let every step bring me closer to You, God." Which, of course, each step does, if you're looking at things with a long view. We're all on our way home.

The pictures below show you a bit of our journey, but I hope you can get out and enjoy some fresh air and a feeling of wellness for yourself.

There's nothing like a good walk!

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