Saturday, August 10, 2013

Beauty from holidays on a Sunday

Looking up at a clear, blue, Friday morning sky as I sipped my coffee in our campsite, I thanked God for this amazing world, that I could take a four-day camping vacation this summer in the mountains that I love, and that my family and friends are mostly well and happy (though there are some for whom I pray daily...)

Two hours later, we drove through a valley that had been devastated by a wildfire ten years ago, amazed at the slopes covered in purple fireweed, and the regrowth of new forest. In the midst of burnt out trees, life was taking hold again. We marveled at it even more when we toured a beautiful canyon where a rushing blue glacial river roared down a narrow gorge. Nature is amazing, and so is the life we've all been given, if only we can see its outrageous beauty. It's easy to notice beauty in the wilderness, but it can be a bit trickier to find in the people around me every day. Still, it is there, if I look with my heart in the right place...

Who or what has made you catch your breath in wonder, delight and gratitude this summer?

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