Thursday, July 18, 2013

Simple Suggestion #173... Encourage a gardener

This morning on my walk around the neighbourhood with Shadow the puppy, I found two women on their knees in their yards. They were working hard, because gardening is hard work. Knowing how much I appreciate it when someone makes a comment about my garden, I congratulated them both on the beauty in their yards. Of course, then we stood and chatted for a few moments, and they told me what they really liked about their many plants and shrubs. I had to agree with them. Anywhere that there is more than a lawn monoculture, it's a good thing for bees, birds, biodiversity and beauty.

So today's Simple Suggestion is to take a walk, and see if you can find a garden to appreciate and a gardener to encourage.

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  1. I absolutely agree, we should! Even my Dad, who's a bit of a stickler, has started talking about "seed-bombing" to help out the bees and local wildlife and ecosystems!

    Thank you for this post, it made me smile :)

    Hannah x


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