Thursday, July 11, 2013

Simple Suggestion #172... Do some kitchen gardening

After a good rain again last night, my little dog and I took a wet walk up and down the back alleys within a two-block radius of our home. Back alley walks are interesting because I love to peek through fences when possible and see what people are doing with their yard space. And it makes me so happy to see kitchen gardens!

A lot of my neighbours probably wouldn't really consider themselves gardeners, but many of them have little patches of their favourite vegetables and a few herbs that they like. Some of them also have lovely lawns and perennial/annual beds with colourful flowers tucked in between their herbs and veggies.

We've come a long way from the times when a lawn was a sign of wealth (when only the gentry had lawns and ornamental gardens as status symbols -- as if to say, see, we don't need to farm every inch of our property!) and I'm delighted to find lovely yards where vegetables and herbs make up "edible landscapes." Apartment dwellers are also getting in on the act with containers of delicious greens and the odd tomato on their balconies. No balcony? I've seen windowsill herb containers with little grow lights in many hardware stores. All it takes is the will to begin. Kitchen gardening is a wholesome activity for body and soul, and saves wear and tear on our planet because at least some of our food doesn't have to be transported to grocery stores. Self reliance when it comes to what we eat is a good thing.

So today's challenge is to find a little soil in your yard -- or a pot of dirt -- and plant a few herb seeds to start a little kitchen garden if you haven't already. Plant a flavour you like.

I think I'll go out and pick a little dill for the scrambled egg sandwich I'm making for my lunch.

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