Saturday, June 11, 2011

Budgie update #5

After a busy day in the garden, I thought I'd take a break from Simple Suggestions and moodle about Pebbles, our resident clown and comedian. Just recently he tried something new -- rock climbing on our brick feature wall -- and he had us all laughing as he zipped up and down, headfirst both directions. Of course, he wouldn't do it once we had camera in hand, but he jabbered like the camera was a long lost friend. When Suzanna was editing footage from today, Pebbles flew against the computer screen in an effort to make friends with himself. What a wacky little bird! See for yourself.

1 comment:

ayse said...

He is sooooo cute :D
and he looks like very very busy boy.
My budgies are answering pebbles video, haha~