Thursday, May 22, 2014

Simple Suggestion #205... Wear sunglasses

It's a gorgeous sunny day here today. I'm about to take the dog for a walk. But first I thought I'd post a simple suggestion to save on the wear and tear of our eyes. Sunglasses protect our peepers from sunburn (yes, you can sunburn your eyes -- ever feel that itchy grittiness at the end of a very sunny day if you don't wear sunglasses?), little growths on the eye known as pterygium, cancer, and cataracts. Sunglasses are important in the winter, too, if you live in a place where snow causes glare.

So today's suggestion is to find yourself a pair of shades. Just one is enough. It doesn't have to be fancy or trendy; remember, designers are out for profit and don't care if all of the earth's resources are used up. Keep it simple -- sunglasses just have to offer protection from those rays. If it's sunny where you are, put some on, and go out and enjoy your day! I think I'll be wearing mine with my Saskatchewan Roughrider garden gloves!

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