Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hope for the present

On Tuesday evening, we attended a small celebration of the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation's Top 30 Under 30, which launched the magazine (posted below) highlighting the work of some remarkable young adults. You can turn the pages and read about these fine people who are committed to working for a more just and sustainable world.

ACGC deserves its own award, I think, for noting and highlighting the work its annually chosen Top 30 have been doing for the past 5 years. They are all contributing in some way toward meeting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations last September -- to end poverty, address and end inequality, protect ecosystems, combat climate change and ensure fair access to food, water and resources, especially in the developing world, to mention just a few. The magazine was launched to mark this year's International Development Week, February 7-12.

Prime Minister Trudeau has it right when he says in his letter (on page four) "You are not the leaders of tomorrow; you are all the leaders of today, and the things you do can have a tremendous impact and change the country and our world."

I was very impressed by Nosiphu Ngqula, the young woman from South Africa (p. 31), who spoke about her work with the young people of her town, and by Michael Glazier (p. 21), whose short speech on leadership should be studied and taken to heart by every world leader. About half of the Top 30 members were present at the event, and it would have been interesting to speak with each one, I'm sure. 

Every one of these young people is a reason for hope for our world, and happiness, in my books. Especially the one I am proud to call my daughter.

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