Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Simple Suggestion #191... Lose a vehicle (more than 10 good reasons to...)

Here's a suggestion for the more hardcore city-dwelling simplicity seekers among us -- although we've done it, and I don't really consider us to be hardcore...

We North Americans are so reliant on our cars, trucks, SUVs, etc... that it's rare for us to stop and think about how much they complicate our lives. How much of our money and life energy do we spend on gas, insurance, registration, maintenance, repairs, and parking each year? And how often do we find ourselves driving from one event to the next with barely a chance to breathe between trips, simply because we can?

We can, but should we?

Now that I think about it, there have been many benefits to being a single vehicle family:

1. We've had a less hectic life because we can't head off in all directions all the time.
2. We communicate more about our comings and goings, activities, appointments and our lives in general.
3. We've relied more on less carbon-consumptive mass transit (read: saved fossil fuels).
4. Over-scheduling has vanished as we've been forced to choose fewer activities, but ones that mean more to us.
5. Our girls have learned independence when it comes to getting around by bike or bus (my hubby and I catch the bus more now, too).
6. We've connected more often with friends and family regarding carpooling possibilities.
7. We've gotten to know some of our neighbours at the bus stop.
8. On the social justice side of things, by choosing alternative methods of transportation, we live more in solidarity with those in our world who will never afford a vehicle.
9. Perhaps most importantly in this world of climate-change-induced-wacky-weather, we're cutting our vehicular carbon emissions in half.
10. There's more time to think about life as we walk from one place to another, and to read books/study on the bus.

Losing/giving up a vehicle might seem hardcore to the average North American who has a hectic life that requires more than one, but really, it's not. Hardcore is what I would like to be (except for those days when I have an appointment that's difficult to reach by bus -- I'll admit it, I'm a wuss). Hardcore means not having a vehicle at all, and I know quite a few folks who live car-less. Hardcore in their case means they're less rushed and more relaxed about life because they know that they and their families don't have to be everywhere or do everything. They know it's okay to just BE.

After all, life should be more than driving yourself from one thing to the next. Don't you think?

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