Thursday, January 31, 2013

Simple Suggestion #149... Grow your own sandwich sprouts

I have to say a huge thank you to Michael K. at Earth's General Store for inspiring this suggestion. Back on Grey Cup Sunday in November, he hosted an evening called "Sprouting 101," and I went and learned all about how to grow sprouts. Shael and Pramila, two interesting presenters, gave us a ton of information. A few days later, I went to EGS and picked up supplies, and I've been enjoying my own sprouts ever since. Might have to increase my production, because my girls have decided they like them, too.

Sprouting can increase the food value of some seeds by up to 20% -- and the little tiny plants that result are full of vitamins. The whole process for sandwich sprouts is super easy -- all you need is a sieve-bottomed plastic box, a little bit of seed (EGS has all sorts of wonderful sprout mixes sold by weight -- I only use a teaspoon's worth at a time) and some water. Here's the whole process from start to delicious finish:

January 22nd -- Starting the seeds. 
I set the sprouting box into water and sprinkled sprouting mix 
until the bottom of the box was nicely covered...

kept them covered, and rinsed them that evening.

January 23rd -- they've soaked up the moisture, 
and are getting ready to sprout!

January 24th -- 
It's important to rinse them morning and evening 
so that they don't rot or get moldy. Can't see it in the picture above,
but there are some little tiny roots beginning to appear.

January 25 -- some people like to eat them now,
but I prefer to wait until they're green. 
January 26th -- they look the same, except for tiny yellow leaves starting to show.
 Time to cover them lightly with a piece of clear plastic 
so their leaves can green up.

January 28th -- Isn't life amazing? I used
my sink sprayer to rinse them, morning and evening, 
and the sprouts kept growing under their little plastic sheet.

January 29th --


There are lots of other kinds of sprouts that can be grown. Shael and Pramila explained how to grow mung bean sprouts (the pale, crunchy kind you use in stir fries) and all sorts of things I'd never heard of. I'd like to try to grow mung bean sprouts in icecream pails someday, but sandwich mix is a good place for me to start. They're so easy, and with temps having reached -40 C this week, I'm just thrilled to be growing a tiny bit of goodness in my kitchen. Spring will come, but in the meantime, these fresh, green, tasty, wholesome, high vitamin reminders of spring will be great for lunch! Try some for yourself!

And a big thank you to Michael, Shael and Pramila!

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