Monday, September 5, 2011

Labour that leads to a good kind of tired

I was going to sing you another Joan MacIsaac song for Labour Day weekend, but I've run out of time and energy. Yesterday, we went for a three hour bike ride, stopping at a splash park and at DQ for a treatzza pizza so we'd have the energy to get home for a family movie night (Rio, which was cute). And today, I decided it was finally time to do something about compost.

My lovely "Happy Birthday" composter that Lee built somehow managed to become a home for wasps this summer. The exterminator guy had to come twice in August, and after that, the month just got busy with back to school and my mom's big birthday party and work and putting garden stuff away. So today I had a big job ahead of me. Took all afternoon to empty out the composter and relevel it so there would be no wasp hidey holes. Then I had to put everything back where it belonged. But I am so happy to have it in proper working order once again, as there's a lot of stuff to be composted in the next few weeks.

So here's my happy three bin system:

Bin #1 is full of green stuff and kitchen scraps that are compostable,
layered with leaves and a bit of the stuff in Bin #2.

Bin #2 has some partially composted stuff that was in bin #1.
It just needs a little time to get more composty.

Bin #3 is my favourite. It has sifted compost from bin #2 plus 
some well composted stuff that was in the bottom of bin #1.

In a couple of weeks, when most of the harvest is in, I'll be spreading
 this wonderful stuff all over the garden to make the soil happy for next year.

In addition to taking care of all that, I dug some carrots and made some pickles. My wonderful husband made an awesome supper out of veggies and leftovers (he can be very creative) and I took a break and enjoyed the evening on the back step with Chloe, our neighbourhood cat. She's a sweet furry calico girl who loves to cuddle.

All in all, I'd say it was a perfect Labour Day,
with a good, satisfying kind of tired to take me to bed.

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  1. Awww Chloe:) We have a neighborhood cat too, Griff!

    I love compost. It is so satifying to watch the changes as they happen.

    We've got a wasp's nest under our deck. I was trying to live with them peacefully but they've stung my little dog twice they had to go. But wow are they hard to get rid of!


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