Monday, August 15, 2011

Simple Suggestion #57... Hang a bird feeder

Here's a really simple one. Birdfeeders can be made out of all sorts of things with a bit of creativity, and birdfood is easily purchased at many grocery stores. Having wild birds and their song around us connects us to nature... I've already moodled a few times about the importance of nature to our physical and mental health. Well, hang a feeder, and you're guaranteed a few natural visitors, maybe some you've never noticed before.

We get endless enjoyment from watching birds zoom around our yard, having foodfights at the bird feeders in our pear tree, waiting for their turns at our suet ball in the lilac bush in the winter. Sparrows, nutchatches, finches, Pine Siskins, chickadees, Downy woodpeckers and all sorts of others I can't think of at the moment catch our attention on a pretty regular basis. And last year, my parents gave me a hanging bird bath for Christmas, something I'd never seen before. I finally hung it last week, and am waiting to catch someone splashing around so I can post a picture for you.

When I type suggestions like these, I often wonder if readers understand the connection between some of these suggestions and simple living/voluntary simplicity. The thing is, we can voluntarily do simple things -- we don't have to do or buy expensive or complicated things to find great joy in life. And for me, birdfeeders are part of that kind of joy.

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  1. I'm looking at a milk jug bird feeder right now:)


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