Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sunday Reflection: Abundance

Today's reflection is brought to you by Psalm 145:16 and John 6:1-15.

The little one had five loaves and two fish,
and he heard the master ask Phillip
where to buy bread.

"You can have mine,"
the boy said,
and my fish,
because Mom
always packs me too much!"

"Perfect," Jesus thinks,
"this one understands."

God always packs us too much lunch.
God's goodness to us
is superabundant,
but our primitive fears
cause us to hoard what we have
until others go hungry
and abundance rots
from disuse.

Your world,
O God,
suffers from its abundance
and our greed.

"You open your hand to feed us, Lord,
you satisfy all our needs,"
sings the psalmist.

There are so many raspberries,
they fall to the ground for want of picking.

There is an abundance of food to go around,
but no free access to it.

Our lives and homes are full to overflowing
and too often,
we can't find
a sense of meaning or purpose.

The fact that
we have extra loaves in our freezer
while the poor have none
should wake us up
to what we need to do.

What if we could trust in your abundance,
in your love for us,
and let the resources allotted to us
flow through our hands
as delicious dishes
are passed from one to another
at your great banquet table?

Quiet our sense of scarcity,
O God,
and let the abundance of your love
allow us to give away
our five loaves and two fish
for the good of all.


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