Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A busy month

Since I dropped the online moodling one month ago, it's been a pretty busy time, to put it mildly. Looking back at my list of to do's, I see that I managed most things...
  • 3 apple pies (with more to come yet, I hope) and plenty of other fruit baked into yummy things
  • Jams made
  • Veggies blanched and frozen
  • Apples and plums picked with my 92-year-old Italian friend, Ralph, and a couple of wonderful visits with him and his lovely wife, Lidia (that included delicious Italian cookies and espresso to keep my nerves jangling for the rest of the day)!
  • Plenty of dog walks through autumn splendor
  • Jay gone back to school (grade twelve!)
  • Compost sifted, dug into garden boxes and started up again for the winter with freshly pulled garden stalks, plus Red Wiggler worms shared with several vermi-composting friends
  • Tabs kept on my in-laws, mostly by phone
  • Tomatoes gathered from the L'Arche community garden bed with my friends at Day Program (and another fun time with the Library Lady)
  • Lovely sunset strolls with my hubby
  • Minutes taken for the monthly L'Arche board meeting
  • Hot dogs handed out at my very last Welcome Back School Barbeque and Meet the Teacher Night
  • Almost finished reading The Brothers Karamazov
  • Next spring's tulips planted
  • Letters written to a few friends, and last but not least
  • The garden went from this...

to this...

still a bit of work left...

And there were special visits from friends who don't come to town very often anymore, we had a September Taizé prayer, I prayed with seasonofcreation.org, and life moved along as it does. At times I was tempted to cut short my "time off" from moodling because I really wanted to write about something, but at other times I wondered if I'd ever pick it up again. 

But I'm back, after a very busy month. Did you miss me?


    absolutely missed your moodles!
    looks like you had a glorious & fruitful summer
    enjoy these last lovely days of fall
    su :)


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